Policies and Procedures of the Ohio Rugby Referees Society


Club schedules should be placed on the Ohio Rugby Referees Society web site. Schedules will not be accepted via e-mail as referee assignments will now be made on-line. All B matches shall be refereed by an individual provided by the home club (There will be rare exceptions to this) and he/she will be observed by the assigned A match referee. If you wish to have a referee for the B match (along with the associated cost), it must be entered as a separate match so that a referee can be assigned. If you will be hosting a tournament, then there must be a separate match entry for each referee required. Club schedules should be submitted as soon as possible. See ASSIGNMENT OF REFEREES below. Schedules won't be accepted after the following dates in the Spring and in the Fall. For the Spring season: by the Friday before March 10th. For the Fall season: by the Friday before September 10th.


Each ORU member club shall be required to to provide a referee that may be assigned and shall complete (when assigned) a minimum of 4 matches per season. The referee may be a current referee and does not have to be a new referee or player. Any club failing to provide a "club referee" shall be considered non-compliant and may not receive referees assigned by the ORRS. Referees will be assigned on a first come first served basis if there are fewer referees in any given weekend than there are matches played. Clubs that are in arrears or not in good standing with the Ohio Rugby Union will not be assigned referees. Any match played without a referee assigned by the ORRS or an affiliated Referee Society will be considered an unofficial match by the ORU.


See the fee policy document.


Aside from the schedule submission requirements, the match secretary is required to confirm with the referee(s) the week of the match.  You can obtain your referee assignment by logging in to the ORRS web site and click on "View Referee Assignments". If your referee assignment has not been posted by Wednesday, contact your area coordinator immediately. Confirmation needs to be one on one; e-mails are unreliable unless returned. This confirmation must be received no later than Thursday prior to the match (Wednesday for a Friday match) and should include the date, time, and location with directions and /or a map.  Referees are not responsible to show if you fail to confirm as required, the match fee will be due the assigned referee, and further assignments may not be forthcoming. Remember to have the $100 fee per match available to the referee prior to the game.